Digital is not created equal - our console & integration with the studio computer (an 8-core Mac Pro, fully loaded with solid state hard drives, no less) is a far cry from sub £5,000 mixers and prosumer audio interfaces. This is a high end professional console with a sole purpose - to record and mix music... and yes, it does this very, very well.

We use the latest in cutting edge & industry standard software, from Pro Tools, Logic & Ableton Live to vocal enhancement software such as Melodyne & Revoice, to remarkably accurate emulations of equipment of the past from companies such as Slate Digital & Waves. We are not afraid of digital - we happily embrace it.


This is not to say we are not equally obsessed with 'real' analogue equipment and physically moving air to manipulate and capture sounds. We have a great selection of weird wonderful pieces from from different sourced from all over the world.

We are firm believers in that the technology should be secondary to the performance at all times... The song comes first, under any and all circumstances. After all - what use is the worlds most expensive and luxurious vocal recording chain if you feel awkward, nervous or otherwise detached from the song? That mic will pick up every stutter, every mumble, every wobble in all its fumbling glory. The song may sound amazing - but it will feel terrible. You have to be at ease in your environment and the people you are working with - and this is of paramount concern with us... We want you to shut off the world and be absorbed in your music.


But if you must know.....


At the heart of the studio is our Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console. 96 channels of 96kHz 24bit high fidelity audio. 24 motorized faders with fully integrated DAW control. Built in Yamaha SPX effects processors, high quality preamps, highly configurable, customisable, a truly remarkable piece of engineering. This combined with our 2 x Lynx AES 16e cards makes for a seriously high definition audio capture.

Whether you choose to work on your project with us or at another great studio feel free to take a moment to read through our Studio Checklist - you may already be aware of these tips and if so then it's always good to have a reminder. However, if not, these could prove invaluable to your experience.

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