Our work is far from restricted to the confines our studio. We also have the facilities to record on location too; we can provide our knowledge of recording quality, expertise and equally high quality equipment wherever you may be.


Whether you are looking to record a live album, filming for a live DVD, documentary or simply have a great and unique sounding acoustic space to record in.. Capture that moment in unsurpassed fidelity and then bring it back to our studio to magnify the energy and intensity of the performance to create a larger than life sound.

We can provide recording rigs of all shapes and sizes from discrete 16-channel 'console-less' rack mount recording rigs to 48-channel console setups capable of running an entire show whilst capturing every nuance in pristine 96kHz high resolution; with everything in between and beyond. No matter what the event - we can design a recording rig to suit.

Damage Audio

35-37 Tavistock Street


MK40 2RB

+44 (0) 7743 901 047