We endeavor to use the best of both (or rather - all!) worlds to achieve a quality that was until recently unattainable to the independent artist.


Pro Tools, editing, vast track count & sound manipulation, Yamaha high end digital mixing, real tube amps (because nothing beats valves, right?) and the warmth and realism of analogue processing. Cutting a record is much simpler with the right equipment - and that's exactly what we have here.































1 x AUDIX D6


1 x AKG D112


1 x Sennheiser e901


4 x AUDIX i5


4 x Shure SM57


2 x AUDIX D2


1 x AUDIX D4


2 x Neumann KM184


2 x Sontronics STC-1


2 x AUDIX c212b


2 x SE R1


2 x Cascade Fathead


1 x Rode NT1-A


1 x Shure SM7b


1 x Sontronics Omega


1 x SubKick


1 x BSS AR133




1 x Shure SM58



Large Diapragm Dynamic


Classic Large Diapragm Dynamic


Plate Condenser tailored for Bass Instruments

Dynamic Instrument Mic


Classic Dynamic Instrument Mic


Dynamic mic for small toms


Dynamic mic for large toms


Small Diaphragm Condenser


Small Diaphragm Condenser


Large Diaphragm condenser MultiPattern


Ribbon Mic


Ribbon Mic


Large Diaphragm Condenser


Large Diaphragm Broadcast Dynamic


Valve Condenser


Low Frequency Microphone


Active DI Box


8 Channel Active DI Rack


Classic Dynamic Vocal Mic


Vocal Dynamic w/Tight Polar Patternl










Yamaha DM2000 VCM


Yamaha MY-AE16 x 2


Yamaha MY8ADDA96


2 x Lynx AES16e


Apple Mac Pro 8 core


2 x 21" Apple Displays




M-Audio 88 Key Midi Keyboard

96 ch Mixing Console with DAW control


16 ch AES i/o Cards


8 ch ADDA 96kHz converter Card


2 x 16ch AES interface - 32 channels simultaneous I/O at 96kHz





Adam a7x Monitors


Yamaha NS-10m Monitors


Yamaha a100 Amplifier


Logitech 2.1 Desktop Monitors


Assorted headphones


8-Channel Headphone Amp






24 x Yamaha DM Preamps


Radial "The Cube"


1 x Chandler Little Devil Pre


2 x Mindprint DTC


2 x HHB Classic 70


2 x TL Audio 5051


1 x Focusrite ISA One


2 x DBX 160x


2 x Focusrite Compounder

Console Preamps


500 series "Lunchbox" Enclosure


High end mic pre - with variable feedback and bias


High End Channel strip with Parralel EQ & tube comp.


Fully parametric valve eq & preamp


Valve channel strip with Eq & opto compressor.


Swiss Army Preamp & 2 ch Converter


Classic Compressor


Red 3 Inspired Dynamics


Pro Tools 10 & 11


Logic X (also 8 & 9)


iZotope RX 4


iZotope oZone 5


iZotope Alloy 2


Celemony Melodyne


Slate Digital Trigger


Slate Digital VCC


Slate Digital VMR


Slate Digital VTM


Slate Digital FG-X


Slate Digital Batch Commander


Waves Gold


Waves Studio Classics


Waves Rennaisance


Waves Classic Compressors


Waves Tune


Waves individual plugins


SynchroArts Revoice PRO


Fender "The Twin"


Engl PowerBall II


Engl 4x10" Cabinet


2 x Tech 21 1x12" Combo


MarkBass Club 450 - 500w Bass Amp


Mesa Boogie 2 x 15" Cabinet


Ashdown 1 x 15" Cabinet


Roland TD-3 Electronic Drum Kit


Korg MicroKorg


DSI Mopho - Analogue Synth


Roland JV-1080


Powered PA Speakers


Line 6 POD X3 Live


Assorted Guitar Pedals


Selection of Electric Guitars, Basses, Acoustic Guitars, Percussion

Damage Audio

35-37 Tavistock Street


MK40 2RB

+44 (0) 7743 901 047