Damage Audio is high-end music production facility; we can provide everything for your project - high quality recording, fine editing, detailed mixing and a loud and proud master at the end.

Armed with some of the finest professional grade equipment, the latest in digital software and an unequaled knowledge of music and production we can take your ideas and transform them into a complete radio ready production... and probably in less time than you would think possible.


So who are we? We provide professional music production services - nothing less.


Throughout our endeavors in the many sides of the industry we have had the privilege to work with some of the biggest and best musicians to have graced the planet. We have learned a lot from them and through working with them - we love to share; and through working with us, allow us to impart this knowledge onto the creation on your record.


We embrace all technology without fear; analogue, digital, tubes, transistors, old and new. It is there to help us create the sounds in our head. There is no 'cheating' in music - it's all just a matter of taste.


Whether a song comes together perfectly in one take with the whole band rocking out together or whether it takes hours of overdubbing and seemingly endless editing, we don't care.. We love every step of the process - it's a performance in itself, and can only add to the perception of the art.

Damage Audio

35-37 Tavistock Street


MK40 2RB

+44 (0) 7743 901 047